untitled: a self portrait

October 3, 2019

at some point in life, everyone has a moment where they question who they are. this piece was created during my moment where i struggled to find my new identity. this piece started out as six different pieces that represented different aspects of my personality. then they were combined into one image to represent me when all the aspects are together. if you'd like to purchase this piece please email me using the 'shop now' button.


graphic design, photography


mixed media art, composition, photo editing

tools used

photoshop, nikon d3400

this work was featured in Raksha, Inc.'s 2023 art show at the Doraville Art Center.

individual project titles (left to right): real me, bicolor, pride, flower baby, love yourself, and dissociation.

print version for sale: 12in. x 12in., inkjet printed on stock paper.